How to Buy a House – Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

Posted on February 25, 2013


Congratulations, you have decided to buy a home. How to buy a house, where do we start, is now the right time? Those are great questions to be asking. I am a firm believer in buying real estate, for the long-term. Being a first-time home buyer is somewhat nerve racking, but smile and enjoy it. It is the start of some wonderful memory creations.

It is completely natural to start searching for homes online as soon as you have decided to move forward with a purchase. Let me save you some frustrations and offer you a couple of tips; start with talking to a lender. It’s no fun to find a “dream house” online, drive by it, dream about living in it, only to find out later it is out of your price range. So do your best to resist this temptation, unless you just won the lottery of course.

If you know a lender you can trust, great, ask them to refer you to a real estate agent. If you know a real estate agent, ask them to refer you to a lender. If you don’t know either, there is another option. Google tall, balding, handsome Realtor named Ben, I am sure you will get a great option.

Once you have identified a Realtor, and you have been pre-approved with a lender, you are good to go. Burn those real estate websites up, starting with

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